If you think this about saldan bast and ah jut pora


A: My will is gorgeous joy. Each night, as I lay in bed, I remember the ཨ is a ball of light generating in my chest. Go ahead! Laugh if you want to. Well let me give you a junior mint, junior. Sure, maybe we’re too old to save the world. But peepees and weewees! If you think this about saldan bast and ah jut pora.

B: My hounds hunger under flax and continuous uglijump. Gorle my future sores. Where does your diligence re? Ba somle jurdna idji it somle.

A: Aln I potyahi baree missing a sung garnish. Ah jut pora, the re# (( what I haven’t is donnel.

B: Vvvvv what is over yourself is undergrown. God does the 77 what haven’t I the what elehn alhosen dothen. My penis is bound by 77 candles bound by emerald rubber bands. I tickle the scab. Something ganshhne me: I haven^t. You fuck (I scream out loud to myself in my house (home alone)). You fuck, you fuck me! Fuck me! Garnlld I haandn the ahto of Ahhwn before ahnowhi HV…whatever. Little owrange legs tack across the holy fortress; Whatever online games consume you, I will be by your side. I hope to have you with me. I just wish you wouldn’t forsank thineself. Yaknow?! Stop touching yourself if bother you. This is soooo completely kashhhnnalh!

A: I wanna cruise witchuuu. In 3 wees we’re junna be cruising with tiny tunes. Too bad my UEBoom is acting up…

B: 2 bad. 2 bad 2 sad. You I mock and fuck before yourself. I haven’t 2 buttcoins 2 fuck you with. Whatever model kinda under… Jump! And I jump and jump too. Goesn’t gone begun bone before undone?

A: You fucking idiot. And idiot. And I idiot I idiot. Idiot befoer ungone. Obly gunge.

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