Gur & Gar


Long ago, the ancestors moved in elegant murmurations coordinated by benefit of an undifferentiated communion of minds. Their psychic bond made pack migration effortless thanks to tandem perceptual networks and faster-than-light communication. Later, settling in, they sacrificed the telepathic community, preferring the individualist advantage of cognitive privacy. They did not anticipate, however, that this forfeiture meant abandoning each psychic voice in each individual mind; locking it up to psychotically discourse with itself, and spiral through a circus of disturbing and seemingly unsolvable riddles. This unfortunate nervous pressure chamber would, given millennia, burst into the grunts and chatter of its prelinguistic vocal expression. Let’s listen in…

Gur: Hunh Hunrd
Gar: Hunh hn
Gur: Hanh Hunh
Gar: Hunh

And, after a substantial back-and-forth, a consensus was reached on the verifiability of their shared condition. Though they couldn’t recall just why they became as such, locked up, each one in a mind with only a shard of mirror to extend through the window of their cell, they found a sense of relief in the sharing of disappointing circumstances. A mysterious relic of a time before time.

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