But yust! The ablathy plow.


B: Something something geranisherbig. I have nothing to say to you. Nothing!

A: [in ecstasy] That’s just what I wanted to hear! I have before me After, and after that? Before. What a sensation. What an exaltation! What happens when I after before after before after before after before after before after before.

B: After before after. Seven dwarfs times seven dwarfs time me. We jingle. We jingle jangle! I jut the fullest and pillow back my whole patootie. Foul the calaban under porter bundle. Forget I did that…

A: Whatever! The foresite forebears the force of foreign forks. Under knuckle junk I find you. Caress me!

B: Passionately my fingertips pulsate and orate proudly. Whatever warning cowers over you, I don’t delight, jailedly. In jail I scruffle – oh, and pluggedly so. Clupse my ogaran. It bruckles, and pond behamish you. Sourly luft agrup fine hably peluckle.

A: Jesus, you relate to me! Alexus sung of this not once.

B: Can’t the finest Binance proudly pounce? If it wasn’t for the poorsestlung my yubblinst be twilt.

A: But yust! The ablathy plow. Come two for my geranisherbig and for my thought be mackly.

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